Green Policy

dpe Systems Limited recognises that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to reducing any harmful effects we may cause to the environment by focusing on being an environmentally friendly company.

Paperless Billing

We are looking to reduce the amount of paper used by focusing on becoming a paperless company. We are introducing ebilling to all of our customers that are happy to participate which will involve emailing of invoices and correspondence, cutting down on printing, the use of envelopes and also a more cost effective way forward for the business. Our engineers will be using tablet PCs to enable their jobs to be sent to them whilst en route rather than travelling back to the office for paperwork. This will enable the customer to sign for their work or quotation on the PC and copies can be emailed at any time.


We endeavour to recycle as much paper, cardboard, packaging and components as possible. We will shred and recycle any paper used and arrange for all recyclable materials to be collected and correctly disposed of regularly.

Local business / Reduced travelling

Being more cost effective and environmentally friendly has been a main factor in setting the business locally in Bolton, not only giving a more efficient service to our customers but also reducing travel times and vehicle emissions. We have scrapped the old vans and replaced them with new fuel efficient vans.

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